Hey guys! So, my classes started on 3rd february. Because of this, I'm not having so much time here. My queue will be on most of times, and I'll put some graphics on queue too! I'm not letting my blog, ofc. It's just a break. It's my last year on school, and I have to do my best for go to a good college. Hope you guys understand, I love u all. <3

P l a y l i s t.

O1 — ひらり、ひらり。
O2 — eternal snow。
O3 — チャイニーズガール。
O4 — sakura nagashi.
O5 — RISE。

"You’re mine, for the rest of your life. Give up."
Takahashi Misaki x Usami Akihiko(Junjou Romantica) + favorite quotes.

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